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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Blog

In an attempt to keep Gracie's blog space dedicated to Gracie and Jenna's blog space dedicated to Jenna, I have set up a new blog. I will use the new blog to post about things like cloth diapering, nursing, homemade baby food, cooking and recipes, natural childbirth, general fitness and nutrition, and other topics related to raising baby (and toddler and preschooler as I get to those stages).  While it certainly will not appeal to all, I know that I have some followers who are interested in similar subjects....  For those who are interested, my new blog can be found here

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Believe in Miracles and Magic...

I posted over on Gracie's blog about Shutterfly.com's offer to bloggers for 50 free Christmas cards.  This post is a follow up to that post.

I mentioned in that post that I had played with some pictures and really liked the Noir Stars card that they have available.  After playing for about 30 minutes, I came up with the theme 'believe' and found a fantastic card inscription.  The card will represent our hope and our belief that we will have the worldly family that we have always wanted.  In the form of Gracie's footprint butterfly, it also represents what we have lost, but will hold in our hearts forever.

The inscription will read  "We believe in miracles and magic....We believe in angels and natural wonders....We believe in a bright and shining holiday season and new year ahead for our friends and family."  I have decided to use the following pictures:

If you haven't checked out this offer from Shutterfly.com, I urge you to do so via this link.  While you wait for your reply about how to get your free cards, check out some of their cards.  They really do have some fantastic cards.  Here are a couple links...   Christmas photo cards, Holiday Cards, Canvas Wall Art 

I am excited to send these cards out!!  If I have your address, you should be receiving yours in the next couple of weeks!!  Merry Christmas!!