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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

33 Week Appointment Marathon

We did the BPP, NST and midwife marathon today.  At this point I am pretty sure that Bean is going to come out with a sharpened point on her head...she keeps spinning around like a top.  Last week she was resting comfortably on my right side, today she was all settled in on the right for the BPP and NSP.  She has already spun back around to the right side.  :-)

Scored an 8/8 on the BPP.  No size measurements until next week.  We got an amazing 4D picture of her face, but it's not scanned into the computer yet.  Amniotic fluid is still a bit elevated.  Normal is anywhere from 5-25 cm of fluid (measured by US)...a week ago mine measured at 22 cm.  Today it measured at 27 cm.  So, just to make sure that I have not developed gestational diabetes, I will go in the morning for a 1 hour glucose test.  It is possible that the extra fluid can be completely without cause, as there have been no problems visualized with Bean's kidneys, GI tract or other organs.  It is a problem that is more common in babies with Down Syndrome, as compared to babies without Down Syndrome; so if my glucose test is normal, this could be one more thing that points to the possibility of Bean having Down Syndrome.  Hopefully I hear something from my OB's office tomorrow afternoon about the glucose test. 

NST was very reactive within the normal 20 minute time period.  That's two in a row!

Midwife appointment was pretty uneventful.  We discussed the fluid issue, and some other things.  I will do my third 24 urine collection and related bloodwork (because of my pre-existing hypertension) at the end of the week in conjunction with Friday's NST.  Anything else they might want to check will be dependent upon the results of tomorrow's glucose test. 

It was around this time that some of the very subtle signs of problems with Gracie started to surface; some of them so subtle that they didn't raise any flags or eyebrows until it was basically too late.  I have the smallest feeling of deja vu.  Not in terms of impending death, but just in terms of 'end of the road' issues.  We are so close.  Things have gone without a hitch so far, with the exception of our first trimester screening, and now these little things are going to creep up.  It all just makes me wonder what is really going on in there and what surprises there might be once Bean emerges.  It's getting hard to be patient.  But, I suppose all I can do is wait...


Jill said...

Oh my, 33 weeks already! Can't wait to see the 4D picture. Hope all goes well with your test tomorrow. Thinking of you!

Heather said...

Thinking of you and Beana. I can only imagine this must be a really tough time for you. (((hugs)))

Holly said...

I hope the fluid levels are nothing to worry about. It would be nice to see the level go back down to normal. Glad the BPP and NST were good!

Lori said...

Can't wait to see the picture also!!!! I'm sure that all is well, but I imagine that every single little thing that isn't smack within normal is daunting, because as you wrote...this is where you started seeing subtle things with Gracie, so I'd imagine you'd have a hard time not comparing or worrying, even though things seem well.

So glad she flew through the BPP and NST!!! Hooray little Beana!!!