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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Long Overdue Update

I've been relatively neglectful of Miss Jenna's space, so it's time for an update.

Before I update on anything else, I would like to give loving and congratulatory shout outs to a few BLMs who have welcomed their rainbows in recent months.  Congratulations to Maggie, Ann, Mama G, Lori, Big Love, Jamie, Maria, Katie, Lisette, Amber, Michelle, and Laura on the arrival of Joshua, Adrian, Kaede, Luke, Allie, Landon, Astraea, Zaylie, Emma, Cailyn, Brisa and Carter.  As I type this, Michelle's rainbow, Carter, is hopefully getting very close to making his appearance. 

I would also like to give a shout out to Lori and her husband, John, for sharing their story with the world via television.  They also did a follow up interview, but I can't find the link for that now.  :-(

Moving on to Miss Jenna, she is growing so fast.  She will be 9 months in a couple weeks.  I am amazed on a daily basis, and consequently a little more in love with her (if that's even possible!) each day.  She's now weighing in right around 20 pounds and she has her two lower front teeth.  She is also veeerry slowly getting a little more hair.  Each day she explores new toys with absolute fascination.  She's been babbling away at/with her toys, the dogs, the cats...basically anything she can talk at.  She's sitting up and maintaining her balance for very extended periods.  She's pulling to stand at some of her toys and in her crib, and she has finally mastered pushing up into a sitting position from laying down on the floor.  No crawling yet, but she's rocking on her hands and knees like someone's paying her to do it!!  We occasionally get little bunny hops, so I am sure the crawling isn't far off.  For now, she rolls, scoots and pivots from toy to toy.  As a result of all the new mobility, we also had to drop the mattress in her crib over the weekend.  With standing up in the crib also comes chewing on the crib rails.  I'll be honest, I never even gave this a thought before she had teeth; now I'm considering splitting open a pool noodle and putting it over the crib rail to preserve the finish - and to keep scraped off flakes of the finish out of her mouth.  

She is loving her solid foods...especially avocado, blueberries and mango!  Much to our surprise, she is not at all digging bananas, though.  We have tried everything...freshly mashed, from a jar, masking them with other foods, and everything in between, but she just does not like them.  Otherwise, she gets so excited to be in her booster seat and eat!!  

She continues to have the most pleasant and even disposition, but she does occasionally have her moments.  Not too long ago we had about a solid week of horrid bedtimes.  We tried everything (bed time bath, no bedtime bath, tylenol, gripe water, etc.) to solve the problem, but for the most part we were unsuccessful in our quest and had to just ride the phase out.

We will be heading to the D.C. area in a couple weeks to visit with my cousin, his wife, and their daughter Lila.  Lila's estimated due date was 2.5 weeks ahead of Jenna's, but as it turns out, Jenna was born a mere 18 hours before Lila was born.  If Jenna had held out for induction (I am sooo glad that she didn't!), they very likely would have been born on the same day.  We haven't seen my cousin and his wife in a couple years, so that means that Jenna and Lila have not yet been properly introduced.  I am excited to see how they react to and with each other, and I am so excited to take them to the zoo! 

Here are a few pictures to close out the update...

Fighting bedtime...like it's her job

Just hangin' out

Loving bath time!

8 months today!

March for Babies!

All tuckered out from her first Easter dinner at Grammy's

Loves swimming - even more than bath time!!


Anonymous said...

She is so cute!! Is the water cold when she goes swimming? We put Josh in once and he was not a fan lol.

Lainie said...

Instead of the pool noodle (if I let my baby at a pool noodle, she'd bite chunks off of it), might I suggest teething rails. They're plastic. You can get them at most big baby stores. It's what we use.

Jenna is beautiful!

Michelle said...

Thanks for thinking of me! He is here safe and sound, thankfully! Love the pictures of your daughter