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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Game Face Growl

The last couple weeks have been pretty uneventful around here, but the end of this week brought a little bit of excitement and a few noteworthy events.

Jenna can now put each foot in her mouth!  This is big time stuff!!  She's been grabbing both feet during diaper changes for a little while now (it sure is nice to have some help with that!), but the mouthing is new in the last few days!!

Jenna has figured out how to growl.  For a couple of months Jeff has been doing "game face" with her, which ends with a growl...so he is thrilled with this development.  The only thing left is for him to figure out how to get her to do it on command.  (The video is more or less just for the sound effects)

We attended the local March for Babies kick-off event last Thursday.  It was a neat little event.  We were introduced as this year's Ambassador family, and we presented our story to those in attendance.  At the end of the night we found out that we were one of the top 5 fund raising teams for last year's local walk.  I thought that was kind of neat, but also thought that it was just a little bit sad, since our team raised just over $1500.  Hopefully this year's fund raising will go a bit better.

The last, but certainly not least, item really has nothing to do with Jenna...but it was the most exciting event of the week around here.  As I was about 4' from walking out the door to go to work on Thursday morning, a car hit our house.  Another 20-30 seconds and I would have watched it happen as I was opening the door.  The driver blacked out, drifted across the street, and BAM!  He sustained a broken wrist and a likely totaled car.  DH, Jenna and I were not hurt, but our house needs a big band-aid.  It doesn't look terribly bad from the outside, but the impact pushed the front part of our house about 2" across the foundation, and we have 3 damaged foundation walls...it's going to be a major repair project.  :-(


jamie said...

I my gosh Susan - thank god no one was seriously hurt - scary! I <3 the growl!

jamie said...

haha my Lou loves listening to your clip! too cute!

Maggie said...

Oh wow! I'm glad nobody was hurt! Hoping the repairs aren't going to turn into a major headache for you and go somewhat smoothly. XO